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For over 30 years, Paul Ross has been featured in leading media outlets including BBC, Fox, CNN, NBC, The Huffington Post, Uproxx, Rolling Stone, and more. His speeches and trainings have motivated tens of thousands to discover their power to design their own results through the power of persuasion and language.

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Subtle Words That Sell: How To Get Your Prospects To Convince Themselves To Buy And Add Top Dollars To Your Bottom Line!

Are you tired of the same, worn-out sales scripts, assumed closes, tag questions, and other stale nonsense that no longer work, insult your prospect’s intelligence, and make you feel like a schmuck?

If you can already begin to see yourself

  • Getting your prospects to convince themselves to buy
  • Adding top dollars to your bottom line
  • Doing this without resorting to sleazy sales tricks
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Your Instant, Subtle Sales Breakthrough

If you are ready to master an, off-the-wall, insanely powerful way to sell that that could easily add another 30%, 50% – even 100% – to your bottom-line within 90 days or less, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

“Using hypnotic techniques and language the way Paul Ross does is so powerful and my personal sales (as I also sell directly) have probably tripled since using his techniques. No one in sales that I know has ever seen sales training presented the way he does.”

Adam Pisk, Sales Director -

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Paul Ross electrify audiences with his unique genius and amazing skills at engaging his listeners. He’s a true thought leader, innovator, and one-of-a-kind speaking talent.”

Michelle Weinstein, Chief Sales Strategist aka The Pitch Queen

Using what I have learned from Paul Ross, I’ve realized a 42x ROI in the last 3 months alone and just received the highest commission check of my entire decade long sales career.

Fabian Rankins, Licensed Lending Officer - Yorba Linda, CA

“Paul Ross is head and shoulders above any of the NLP trainers and teachers of negotiation and sales that I have ever encountered – I’ve both taken their trainings and shared the stage with many of them. I can’t encourage you strongly enough to book Paul now.”

Spike Humer, Author, The 10 Day Turn Around

“As an international authority on taxation who has spoken many times to different audiences and agencies all over the world, I can say that Paul Ross is hands-down the best speaker I have ever seen.”

William Byrnes, William H. Brynes - Associate Dean, Texas A&M School of Law; Author; International Tax Authority

“Paul Ross is definitely one of the best speakers we’ve ever had address our group. He’s dynamic, funny, entertaining and informative – Better yet, he left us with numerous tangible takeaways. I highly recommend him to speak at your event or to your team. ”

Erin McDonald, President, Fox and Hound Marketing

“Paul Ross taught me a three-sentence phrase to use at the very beginning of my webinars and podcasts that overcomes listener skepticism/resistance – and has caused my live-close conversion percentages to more than double over time.”

Adam Hommey, Creator - The R.E.A.C.H. System

“Paul Ross is a genius at understanding influence and persuasion, and his style of communication is engaging, direct, and fun. Expect him to deliver a message your people can and will use to transform their results.”

Dr. Steve Taubman, International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Empowerment Expert

“Paul Ross knows more about influence and persuasion for sales than anyone I’ve met or studied with. You won’t find what Paul teaches anywhere else. Get him on your stage, or in your training room, now!”

James Malinchak, Featured on ABC Hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire

“Paul Ross crushed it during his presentation at my Secret Knock Event. I’ve had the top names on my stages over the years, and Paul Ross is right up there with them.”

Greg S. Reid, Author, Speaker, Adventurer - Founder of Secret Knock

“Paul Ross not only knows more that anyone in the world about how language moves the unconscious mind, he knows more than anyone probably should know!”

Marlon Sanders, The King Of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing

See how Paul Ross can work with you and your team to dramatically improve your results and add top dollars to your bottom line:

Private training and coaching for high net-worth individuals!

Paul Ross is available on a very limited basis to privately coach high net-worth individuals on topics like

  • Peak sales performance
  • Motivation
  • Mindset
  • Other subjects to be discussed
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Keynote speaking, breakout talks, and more!

For over 20 years, Paul Ross has spoken for audiences and trained teams. Some of his most popular topics include:

  • The Dough’s In the No: How To Easily Overcome Virtually Any Objection And Skyrocket Your Sales And Closings
  • Subtle Secrets Of Your Success Super Mind: How To Get The Heck Out Of Your Own Way, Unblock Your True Potential, And Claim The Success You’ve Always Desired
  • Subtle Words That Sell: How To Get Your Prospects To Convince THEMSELVES To Buy And Add Top Dollars To Your Bottom Line
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Customized training programs for your executives, managers, and teams!

Count on Paul Ross to inspire, motivate, and transform your team. He will custom-design the presentation you need, including:

  • Sales and Marketing Training
  • Team Leadership Workshops
  • Half-Day and Full-Day Corporate Training
  • Team Retreats and Experiences
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Paul Ross’ calendar for keynote speeches, workshops, corporate events, and team trainings is filling quickly. Be sure to book him as soon as possible!


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