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The Amazing “Skyrocket Your Sales” System Of A Persuasion “Mad Scientist” From San Diego, California That Will Quickly Blow The Roof Off Your Bottom-Line Closings, Conversions, And Numbers… Or You’ll Pay Nothing!

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From the desk of:
Paul Ross, The “Mad Scientist Of Subconscious Selling”

Dear Soon-To-Be Outrageously Successful Sales Master:

If you are ready to master an, off-the-wall, insanely powerful way to sell that that could easily add another 30%, 50% - even 100% - to your bottom-line within 90 days or less, I’ve got great news for you.

Here it is:

My name is Paul Ross - the “Mad Scientist” referred to at the start of this message - and I’m about to pull back the curtains on an insanely powerful, easy-to-use training I guarantee will blow the roof of your sales, quickly and easily, or you’ll pay me NOTHING.

Here is even better news: as you will see from the testimonials throughout this message, it works no matter what your industry or current level of experience.

Why is that so super-important?


It means you will very likely see big leaps in your commissions and revenue right away, no matter where you are starting from.

So, if you are ready to, among other things:

  • Activate And Awaken The Child-Like Side Of Your Prospect’s Mind That To Wants To Believe And Be Led
  • Establish Yourself As A Trusted Expert, Authority, And Guide In Your Prospect’s Mind In The First 5 Minutes Of Conversation
  • Create Virtual “Objection Amnesia” So Your Closings Increase By At Least 30%

Then buckle up and pay close attention.

Because I’m about to tell you how all of this came to be...

How I Perfected The Best, Easiest, And Most Powerful Sales System On The Planet From One Of The Most Unusual Professions In The World

Ok - now I’m going to tell you a story that, at least on the surface, maybe appear to be a little bit strange or even a little “off the rails”.

But I really need to ask you to please follow along, because the payoff for you is going to be very, very big.

Here we go:

Have you ever known a really good hearted, smart guy, who for whatever reasons just couldn’t get a date or a relationship, no matter how hard he tried or how helpful you tried to be?

Well I sure have.

Because for the past 30 years, I was a coach for thousands of guys like this - and I performed some pretty miraculous feats of transformation with them.

Now, generally speaking (and to put it in terms you would understand as a sales professional, business owner, or entrepreneur) these super-smart, otherwise highly successful guys had the following issues:

  • Very limited ability to do effective "prospect outreach"
  • Total lack of, or very poor ability, to “qualify leads”
  • Extreme fear of, and an inability to handle, “no” or “rejection”
  • Nearly non-existent communication and leadership skills for “effective presentations”

And finally...

No Effective Ways To Close The Deal And Handle Objections!

(Don’t laugh too hard - the correlation between selling and dating is a good one. Because on a date you have to make the most difficult sale in the world: yourself!)

Now believe it or not, I actually was able, most of the time, to transform these fine fellas into genuinely attractive, powerful communicators.

Indeed, many of them sent me beautiful emails about how they had gone on to find the woman of their dreams and even start families!

But then, about 15 years ago, things took an unexpected, even a bit startling twist, that changed the entire direction of what I was doing.

Mishal Siddiqui

As a consultant in the supply chain industry, my business has seen a 6x figure increase in my sales from studying and implementing the teachings in this course.

Mishal Siddiqui Vancouver, BC

You see, I began to get emails from former students who told me they had “mapped over” everything I had taught them into the world of selling, or their professions or business.

It didn’t matter what field they were in.

It didn’t matter their level of experience.

It didn’t matter what their previous success looked like.

No, they were all CRUSHING it.

This really shook my admittedly oversize ego to the core for not seeing this potential for myself.

I got very, very mad at myself, but that quickly turned to a very nearly unhealthy obsession to create a system anyone could use to get these kinds of results and better.

So, I locked myself away in my “Mad Scientist” language laboratory where I created something which I “beta tested” and perfected with virtually everyone I could find.

Now, when I say everyone, I mean:

  • Friends who were in sales
  • Relatives who were in sales

And even mostly extremely...

...People Who Tried To Sell Me All Sorts Of Junk On The Phone, From Health Care To Time Shares!

(I’ll admit I got very few of those, but the ones I did get were pretty happy.)

So, after tons of beta testing with these folks, along with lots of tweaking and perfecting, I recently released this training to the general public, and man are people getting awesome results, like these:

Fabian Rankins

I have been in sales for 10 years, and am currently a lending officer for one of the largest companies in the United States that already provides top notch sales training.

Using what I have learned from this course I’ve realized a 42x ROI in the last 3 months alone and just received the highest commission check of my entire decade long sales career.

I can’t recommend this training highly enough for sales professionals in any line of work. It will turbo charge any existing sales process and training you have already received.

Fabian Rankins Licensed Lending Officer - Yorba Linda, CA
William Byrd

Since applying these techniques, I’ve increased my weekly sales with each of my clients by $300. That’s a jump from $2,500 to $4,000 a month in sales. It’s also allowed me to afford more equipment to help my clients and to spend more on marketing my services.

William Byrd Personal Trainer - Boston, MA
Gerardo Tafolla

In my 12 years of interviewing hundreds of successful people and multi-millionaires, Paul Ross’s wisdom stands out as being unique and ahead of his time.

He has a magical way of transforming your thinking, the way you look at things and ultimately your life, his teachings have led me to increase my income by another 6 figures in just about 12 months.

Gerardo Tafolla Author, Speaker, Mentor -

Aren’t those just fantastic?

Wouldn’t you like to get results like that?


Because now it’s time to stop blabbering and tell you exactly what you’ll get when you invest in yourself and get instant access to this ground-breaking, skyrocket-your-sales training.


Let’s start with...

Part #1:
The Subtle Art Of Superior Mindset - How To Conquer Self-Sabotage, Blast Past Old Limiting Beliefs, And Show Up Aligned And Ready To Win!

Have you ever felt that, no matter how sincerely you consciously wanted to win, another part of you was holding you back?

When it comes to selling, have you ever had what seemed to start out as a really good day where you were performing at your best, only to then find yourself backsliding into old, stuck patterns that made you wind up feeling defeated?

In short, have you ever had those days where despite all your “positive thinking”, pumping yourself up, and getting into peak states, something you couldn’t quite put your finger on made you drop the ball at the one-yard line?

Well, you can kiss those days goodbye forever, using the proven and powerful methods in this section that will teach you:

  • A simple, 3-word phrase that 100% defuses and erases any and all limiting beliefs (I know this seems an impossible, even BAT-SH*T crazy claim, but once you put this into use and see how powerful it truly is, you’ll be thankful you allowed yourself to believe me)
  • How to avoid the ONE word that will guarantee you keep reprogramming yourself for failure - and what to replace it with instead
  • Secrets of "Ownership Language" - these three words will supercharge your motivation and keep you in unstoppable motion
  • The RFM Principle - how to use the "operating system" of the unconscious mind to ensure you show up congruent, aligned, and fully ready to win
  • And a lot more in perhaps the most innovative, original, and completely revolutionary part of this training
Adam Hommey

The training taught me a three-sentence phrase to use at the very beginning of my webinars and podcasts that overcomes listener skepticism/resistance and opens their mind to your marketing message.

Aside from webinar hosts being amazed how engaged our viewers became, my live-close conversion percentages have more than doubled.

Adam Hommey Speaker • Author • Consultant • Trainer

Moving on, let’s discuss:

Part #2:
Foundations For Your Fortune: The 4 Gold-Key Secrets That Power Your Subtle Selling $uper Succe$$

Listen: I’m first to admit, this training will give you word-for-word, fully-fleshed-out phrases and "mini-scripts" you can immediately use to see your cash flow take some nice jumps.

But, as with any set of tools, if you know what they are designed to do, their power and precision increases exponentially.

That’s why this section of your training is crucial.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • No matter what your industry or profession, you are ALWAYS selling first, and what it will cost you if you don’t
  • How to conquer the one "kill-the-sale" obstacle you must overcome if you really want to crush your numbers
  • No, it’s NOT lack of rapport, or “know, like, and trust”, or any of the traditional bullcrap explanations
  • The two top questions you must ask yourself before every pitch, presentation, or meeting that will wildly increase your odds of making the sale, before you even open your mouth (I know, I know: this one sounds especially batBLEEP crazy, but once you get this, it will bring you a massive increase in your sales)
  • The jaw-dropping secret to get your prospect to feel instantly understood, respected, and eager to be led, without you stating a single fact, specific, or data point about your product or service

I promise you, the instant you get this, you will experience a “Holy Sh*t” realization of just how powerfully this training is going to transform the very DNA of how you approach sales!

Chase Hughes

I sought Paul Ross out for help with a project being designed for the U.S. Government. After having spoken to professors from more Ivy League colleges than I could count, I needed knowledge from the field – an expert.

His insight and linguistic craftsmanship proved to be remarkably helpful. Our newly minted system was able to reach world-leading levels of effectiveness and Paul provided extremely powerful information.

Chase Hughes CEO, Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories

Sound great?

Well check out what you’ll be mastering next.

I call it:

Part #3:
How To Double Or Triple The Effectiveness And Bottom Line Results Of Your Sales Presentations (Across Any Platform)

Here’s where the rubber really hits the road as I present the “building block” tools and word for word, “mini-scripts” that will powerfully get your prospects to convince themselves to buy so you close your deals in record time at record numbers!

You’ll learn:

  • How to leverage a simple 3-word phrase that unconsciously triggers your prospects to "impulse buy" even when you are moving high-ticket products and services (Hint: you do this to yourself every time you fall in love or find yourself reaching for that refrigerator door without even knowing you’re doing it. What, oh what could it be????)
  • Two simple tools that awaken your prospect’s child-like desire to believe you, BEFORE you give any facts, figures, or numbers
  • How To "pre-seed" your prospects for a friction-free close in the first 5 minutes of your conversation
  • And a hell of a lot more in this mind-blowing section that will leave you reeling!

I am an advisor in a nationwide wealth management company with hundreds of millions under my management.

With one language pattern from this training, I was able to turn a small client into an eager referral source who brought us three new accounts in the course of three months.

Perhaps my biggest win (so far) has been landing two $5 million accounts with two extremely influential families in the community.

The training does take some work to apply, but once experience your first few successes you will find yourself hooked.

Bruce D. Layne (name changed at customer’s request)
Wealth Management Advisor - San Francisco, California

Now let’s get to the fourth, final, and, for me at least, most fun section of this super training.

I call it:

Part #4:
The Subtle Art Of Smashing Objections: How To Increase Your Sales And Closings By Up To An Additional 15-20% With The Power Of Verbal "Jiu-Jitsu"

For many of us in sales, objections can be a last minute, even shocking “deal killer”.

You’ve established rapport.

You’ve asked your qualifying questions.

You’ve done your presentation of your “marketing plan” and think you’ve got it all wrapped.

Then, suddenly, like a (metaphor) the client/prospect/customer whips out that BS excuse, smokescreen, or stall.

In this section of your training, I’m going to teach you how to verbally “flip” that stuff on its head and get your prospects to powerfully talk themselves out of their objections.

In essence, you’ll be able to instantly transmute the reason they state they can’t buy - into the reason they MUST buy.

(Truly, this is by far the most fun section of the training - many of my students report they have to bite their cheeks from laughing when they see this stuff working in the real world.)

You will learn:

  • When and how you MUST break rapport, and even shock your prospect past their objections
  • How to use counter-examples to create virtual objection amnesia - by far the most fun of all the fun methods this section teaches
  • How to use "Illusion Of Agreement" to devastate the "I've Got To Talk To My Spouse" objection
  • How to use "Meaning Reframes" to transform "Fee Negotiators" into willing clients who pay you what you’re worth
  • And much, much more in this power-packed, super-enjoyable section that will turn you into an objection crushing machine!
R Scott Bradley

The principles, ideas, and techniques in this training contributed in large part to a record insurance sales production year.

A fantastic increase in close ratio, and almost double-digit percentage increase in income.

I would highly recommend this training to any sales professional or sales pro in the making regardless of industry because, as I review what has transpired with my results today, it is effortless and easy to recommend.

R Scott Bradley Health Insurance Solutions Co., LLC - Partner/Agent

“Ok, Paul. I’m Almost There. But What’s The Catch?”


There are actually THREE potential catches.

In fact, in the interests of full and completely transparency, I have to disclose that there is a chance - hopefully a very small chance - that this course might not be for you.

Yes. I designed it to be super-powerful.

Yes, I designed it to be as connect-the-dots, comprehensive and easy to put to use as humanly possible.

But it’s also an entirely new, even radically different way of thinking about and doing selling.

That means it requires a little smarts, a willingness to try out a new approach, and a bit of work to wrap your head around it all.

So, if one or more of the following three things applies to you...

  • You are a “know-it-all”
  • You have a mind that insists on doing things the way you always have, or can’t stand a “non-traditional” approach
  • You are just plain lazy

...then sadly, maybe this training isn’t for you.

But you know what?

I’ll put good money on the table that you are none of those things.

In fact, I’d wager you are a smart, motivated, and ready to win person - a person who can’t wait to finally enjoy the success you desire and deserve.

I have been in sales for 10 years now. I started selling investments as a broker and eventually left the field and began working in the advertisement industry. I have been using some methods in the training and the results have been absolutely incredible.

Currently I out sell my coworkers by over 3 to 1, and have consistently closed more deals at a higher closing rate and much bigger deals at that.

I have to say that it took some time for me to break my resistance to trying out the techniques you'll learn they are unconventional; but once I got comfortable with speaking the techniques out loud and passed my feeling of coming across as 'Goofy' the results are unbelievable.

Jean P Homme
Lauderdale Lakes, Florida

What's My Investment To Claim This "Blow The Roof Off My Sales" Training?

Ok – before I answer this question, let’s talk about the potential benefit to you.

Let’s say, for the sake of discussion, we very conservatively assume you use just a fraction of what you’ll learn from this amazing training and put an extra $500 a month in your pocket.

(I know that’s a ridiculously low number compared to what you’ll almost certainly make, but let’s use it anyway.)

That means you’d add an additional $6,000 a year to your revenue.

And if you continue to use these secrets for a 10-year span, that’s another $60,000 in your pocket.

Compared to that, your $497 investment is chicken feed.

But Wait! I'll Make It Even Easier For You To Recognize, Now Is The Time To Take Instant Action And Claim Your Training Today

Listen: to make it even easier to immediately recognize this is a virtual “no brainer”, I’m offering a 3-month payment plan.

That works out to $179 per month.

Now I’m sure you’ll agree, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Remember You Are Protected By My One-Year, No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

Look: because I know that, some of the claims I’m making may seem outrageous, I’m willing to take 100% of the risk and offer you a FULL YEAR to try out my training and see for yourself the jaw-dropping results you get.

If, during that year, you are not 100% satisfied, just email my friendly customer service representative, Sheila, and she’ll IMMEDIATELY issue you a 100% refund.

One Final Thought Before You Make Your Choice To Claim Your Access Now

Listen: you can do nothing and expect things to get better on their own.

Or you can step up to the plate, invest in yourself, and enjoy the success in this area of your life that you desire and deserve.

The choice is yours.

“I’m Rarin’ And Ready, Paul! Let's Make This Happen. How Do I Get My Hands On This Right Now?"

Just go here to claim your instant access now (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the easy online signup process):

Let Me In Now >>>

(Or, click here for a convenient 3-payment installment plan on "Secrets Of Subtle Sales Mastery")


If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, or would prefer to sign up over the phone, or whatever, we’re ready to help!

E-mail or call (323) 252-1531 [use country code 1 as that’s a US number]

To Your Success,

Paul Ross
The Mad Scientist Of Sales

P.S. On the off-chance you are already an existing student, this is virtually 90% new material that is not covered in any of my previous courses.

Don't let this pass you by!

More Satisfied Students And Industry Leaders Speak Out

William H. Brynes, IV

As an attorney, I’ve taken many courses on speaking to win, rhetoric, and studied many different systems. No one matches Paul Ross’ skills at teaching what really works, and the depth of his knowledge, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

William H. Brynes, IV Associate Dean for Graduate & Distance Education Programs, International Tax & Financial Services Thomas Jefferson School Of Law, San Diego
Spike Humer

I have never encountered anyone with the profound knowledge of persuasion, or the skill at teaching the subject to who can compare with my friend and teacher, Paul Ross. He is head and shoulders above any of the top NLP trainers, and teachers of negotiation and sales that I have ever encountered.

I can’t encourage you strongly enough to claim this course now.

Spike Humer Internationally Recognized Speaker, Mentor and Businesses Strategy Consultant, Author of "The 10 Day Turn Around"
Dr. Steve Taubman

Paul Ross is a genius at understanding influence and persuasion, and his style of communication is engaging, direct, and fun. Expect him to help you and your people transform your results!

Dr. Steve Taubman International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Empowerment Expert
James Malinchak

Paul Ross knows more about influence and persuasion for sales than anyone I’ve met or studied with. You won’t find what Paul teaches anywhere else.

James Malinchak Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire" - One of America's Most Requested Speakers
Adam Michael Sacks, Esq.

As a practicing attorney (specializing in family and criminal law) I know how how important negotiation and persuasion skills can be to my bottom line client results. Paul Ross has taught me more about this subject and knows more about it than anyone I have ever met.

Adam Michael Sacks, Esq. The Law Offices Of Adam Michael Sacks, Beverly Hills, CA
Marlon Sanders

Paul Ross not only knows more that anyone in the world about how language moves the unconscious mind, he knows more than anyone probably should know!

Marlon Sanders The King Of Step By Step Internet Marketing