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I have found that many of my students who complete my influence and persuasion courses, come back later for additional, specific teaching on using language to persuade others to buy and do your bidding.

Now look: as if even all this wasn’t enough for you to find yourself smiling with excitement at your decision to claim your course right now, how about these absolutely amazing, 5 "next level” add-ons (when you “GO DELUXE NOW”):

Secrets Of Subtle Subconscious Selling And Street-Fight NLP™ Videos, PLUS Ticket To Future Live Event In San Diego
($997 value)

Recently, I delivered a 5-hour presentation for a select audience who got to experience training with me on how to be a master of influence and persuasion, sell like hell, and make a bundle of money.

This expands on the Secrets of Subtle Sales Mastery concepts in enormous details and contains new language patterns, tactics, and approaches to concepts with which you are, or soon will be, familiar.

Unlocking the "Deluxe" section of the vault for yourself now means you will gain immediate access to the recording of this powerful virtual seminar.

AND you'll also get a ticket to a live, in-person event which will be held in San Diego, CA, after the current global situation clears up.

(Important: either way, the only way to get this is to GO BIG and GO DELUXE today!)

Subtle Sales Mastery DELUXE Training Series ($297 value)

Several of the smart people who have already invested in this program, as well as those who have written to us with questions as part of making the best decision for yourself, have asked follow-up questions and if I could cover a few additional topics.

The answer is "YES" and I'm adding three DELUXE trainings you only get when you GO DELUXE now.

Together, we will explore:

  • Special Sales Success Mind Programming - this expands upon the "Subtle Sales Inner Game Trance" that is Bonus #3 (below), and creates a new mindframe through which you will increase your success at-will
  • How To Use Vague Proccess Language - this melds together, in the way that makes the most sense for you personally, the Secrets of Subtle Sales Mastery and the Subtle Words That Sell principles in a new way that gets your prospects to convince themselves to buy - on YOUR terms
  • Special Q&A "Laser Focus" Session - bring the questions that naturally are coming up for you as you explore the course modules and add turbo rocket-fuel to your Subtle Sales success, with my help

(IMPORTANT: the only way to get your access to these powerful trainings is to GO DELUXE now!)

Subtle Sales Inner Game Trance ($197 value)

Here is where I take you through a powerful, yet passive listening hypnotic journey to program and prepare your deeper mind for total sales success.

Just sit back, relax, and allow me to install the beliefs and attitudes you need to be a sales champion, no matter what your past or current level of success.

This is 30+ years of skill as a “Jedi” level hypnotist put in your service in a passive listen session that requires no work on your part.

(Warning: this is an audio and will induce a deep trance, so do not listen while driving or operating any heavy machinery!)

Subtle Secrets Of Super Rapport ($297 value)

In this shocking training, I’ll be revealing real-world, down-to-the-ground rapport secrets you can use in any situation, across any platform.

Forget the theory and nonsense you learn in seminar rooms where people self-select for things to work.

This is proven, field-tested, money-making stuff.

You’ll learn:

  • 3 Advanced Rapport Secrets that integrate the concepts we share in the 11 modules of the primary course into real-world situations and show you how to make massive improvements, sometimes by inserting one additional word
  • How to Use the Christopher Columbus Metaphor to set aside any limitations on Earth and draw your own map to subtle sales success
  • How to Change the "Cold Call" Metaphor that bridges from an old way of understanding the world to a new, more empowering way
  • How to Handle Nasty Prospects by using Milton Erickson's "Mental Reset" method to "Spock" your angry prospect

Subtle Words For Super Sales ($297 value)

In this power-packed bonus you’ll learn 10 words and phrases that you can easily insert into virtually any existing script or pitch and super charge their effectiveness.

This is the same presentation I deliver on stages and in corporate training rooms around the country!

You will learn:

  • Key Principles of Subtle Selling that will allow you to instantly by-pass the conscious processing of your prospects and trigger their unconscious decisions to buy (and feel great about it!)
  • The One Mistake You Must Avoid at all costs if ever you want to be a super-salesperson
  • The 10 Subtle Words and Phrases that are easy, fun, and guaranteed to turbo-charge your bottom line sales results

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You’ve spent more that this year alone on "getting to know you" lunches and chintzy corporate gifts just to try to get past your prospect's voice-mail automated gatekeeper.

Now, you’ll see how to claim your persuasion, influence, and Subtle Sales Mastery, for MAYBE the price of a cup of Java per day.

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